Tibor Szemző: CSOMA – album-presentation concert, A38 Ship, Budapest

cinematic concert at A38 Ship

Alexander Csoma set up to research the origin of the Hungarians 200 years ago. Szemző’s Cinematic Opera, the “Csoma” was premiered in Budapest 10 years ago. The present 12” vinyl is the re-summary of this composition.
Szemző Tibor: CSOMA – lemezbemutató koncert/vynil presentation concert
W. W. Hunter on Csoma

The poor scholar was one of the 19th century’s great, original pioneers. To the scholars of his century Csoma was an obscure, Transylvanian figure, abandoned among the Himalayan hills—however, from the summits a giant cast its shadow on Central Asia.

Fodderbasis presents
Tibor Szemző – László Sári: C S O M A – cinematic concert

László Kéringer – voice
László Gőz – bass trumpet, sea shells
Tibor Szemző – narrator
Zoltán Regenye Regi – Sound design

On the 200th anniversary we wish to pay tribute to Alexander Csoma with this new LP and a cinematic concert, the stage version of the higly successful award-winning film “A Guest of Life – Alexander Csoma de Kőrös”.