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2nd Sketch – Seems Like Kailash 2002/2024 for low flutes with electronics & big band with film

Memory Shards The Story of a True Love on the Island of Ada Kaleh in the Cigarette Factory During the Slow Flooding 2024 – cinematographic concerto for musicians, films and TJ

Csoma Kaleidoscope 2023 – sound & film installation, Sound Dome, House of Music Hungary

Two Morsels 2022 – for harp and saxophone – at the request of Duo Sera

Memory Shards – Hommage á W.G. Sebald, In Memoriam Péter Magyar Összekötő 2021 – two compositions for human voice, contra-alto flute and percussions with additional sounds

Silverbird and the Cyclist – Alexander Csoma Arboretum 2020 – cinematographic concert with narrator, vocal and instrumental soloist

FLOW 2019 –

»K«Engravings 2008-2018 Nineteen Multimedia Composition for human voices, various instruments, and films (text by Franz Kafka)

Earth Time 2017 installation for film and video projectors, human voices, and music (text by Danilo Kiš)

Early Sorrows 2015 piece for radio, text by Danilo Kiš, script: Gábor Németh, requested by Hungarian Radio

Hourglass 2014 text by Danilo Kiš, for instruments and human voices

Stonewall Cake 2013~ cinematic music performance

The Message – dr Kafka’s Last Love 2013 cinematic theater performance script: András Forgách, for the request of Budapest Arts Palace

An Imperial Message – 2010/11 piece for radio, text by Franz Kafka, script: András Forgách, for the request of the Hungarian Radio

CSOMA – a cinematic opera 2008 for human voices, storyteller and chamber orchestra, with film screening, text by László Sári, requested by ERA New Horizons (Wroclaw, Poland) and Budapest Arts Palace

Hamlet 2007 chamber opera for three voice and small ensemble (text: W. Shakespeare) requested by National Theater, Szeged, Hungary

What Do You See? 2005 for chamber ensemble and the voice of Géza Ottlik, for the request of Hungarian Radio

Csoma-Legendry (script by László Sári) 2004 for chamber ensemble and human voices (for the request of Radio Hungary)

Danube Exodus: The Rippling Currents Of The River 2002 with Péter Forgács, Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Arboretuum 2002 for chamber ensemble and voices (for the request of Off Dance Company)

South Of No North – The Children of the Kosovo War 2001, ten movements for various instruments and human voices

The Invisible Story 7 sketches for the text of Béla Hamvas 1996-2000 for mixed ensemble and human voice

The Other Shore 1997 multimedia performance for narrators, chamber ensemble and films (shooting of The Other Shore)

Free Fall with Péter Forgács 1996 video-oratorio

Way Through? 1996 for 8mm phone, voice and bass flute, with moving pictures

Symultan 1995-96 for human voices and various sounds

Tractatus 1991-95 for human voice, musicians and narrators

33 Movements For String Quartet And Other Instruments 1994 for string quartet and various instruments

Snap Two 1993 for bass flute, voice and electronics

Gull 1992 choral variation for string quartet and tabla

Quintet 1992 for table acrobat and string quartet

Wittgenstein Tractatus 1991-92 with Péter Forgács 7 video movements

Doppelkonzert 1989-91 installation-concerto for two performers, computer-driven synthesizers and radios for the request of Soros Center/Budapest, Museum Moderner Kunst/Vienna

Skullbase Fracture No.2. 1989 music / installation for 5 performers, Gypsy band, narrator and TV, cameraman and video (for the request of Ars Electronica Festival ’89)

Private Exits 1988-89 soundscapes for six performers and home movies, premiered at the Wiener Festwochen ’89 / Töne und Gegentöne, Vienna

Private Hungary 1988 for 8mm phone, voice, flute and electronics, and home movies premiered at the Ars Electronica ’88 Festival (Linz Austria) with Péter Forgács

Optimistic Lecture (In Memoriam Miklós Erdély) 1988 concertino for record-player and mixed ensemble

Poisoned Idyll 1987 music installation for five Gypsy band

Snapshot From The Island 1986 for bass flute and voice, tapes and electronics (with the home movies of Private Film Archive, Budapest)

Watermusic 1995 installation for Gypsy band in small rowboats on the City Lake of Budapest

Skullbase Fracture (text by P.Havliček) 1984 for narrator and TV, chamber ensemble and Gypsy band

Traintrip 1983 for 21 instruments

Water-Wonder 1982-83 for flutes and tape delay

The Sex Appeal Of Death (In Memoriam T. Hajas) 1981 for chamber ensemble and child narrator



We’d Laugh Together, Fool Around And Go Swimming 2014 (T. Szemző)

The Tip of the Icebergsketch  2011 (T. Szemző)

The Sex Appeal Of Death 1990/2010 (T. Szemző)

Invisible Story 2009 (T. Szemző)

Another Planet 2007 (Ferenc Moldoványi)

A Guest of Life – Alexander Csoma De Körös 2006 (Tibor Szemző)

Shonenko – Emerald Horizon 2005 (Shuhei Fujita)

What There Is 2005 (T. Szemző)

El Perro Negro 2002 (Péter Forgács)

Children – Kosovo 2000 (Ferenc Moldoványi)

Heroine 2000 (Mona Mechler)

Sunset On Left 2000 (András Fésős)

Angelos Film 1999 (Péter Forgács)

Paragraph 175 1999 (Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman)

Danube Exoduses 1998 (Péter Forgács)

Kádár’s Kiss 1997 (Péter Forgács)

Maalstroom 1997 (Péter Forgács)

Class Lot 1997 (Péter Forgács)

The Way 1996 (Ferenc Moldoványi)

Free Fall 1996 (Péter Forgács and Tibor Szemző)

The Land Of None 1996 (Péter Forgács)

Uran 1995 (László L. Lugó)

Polio / The Last World 1995 (Ádám Csillag)

Meanwhile Somewhere/Unknown War No. 5. 1994 (Péter Forgács)

Notes Of A Lady 1993 (Péter Forgács)

Simply Happy 1993 (Péter Forgács and Alfred Wulffers)

CUBA 1993 (Tibor Szemző)

Civil Diary 1992 (Péter Forgács)

Wittgenstein Tractatus 1992 (Péter Forgács)

D. Film 1991 (Péter Forgács)

The Sons Of The Sun 1991 (Yussuph Antal)

Diary Of Mr.N. 1990 (Péter Forgács)

Either-or 1990 (Péter Forgács)

Meteo/The Dreams Of Eckermann 1989 (András Monory M.)

About The Pictupes Of The Light 1989 (Miklós Peternák)

Siberian Summer 1989 (András Dér)

Dusi & Jenő 1989 (Péter Forgács)

Father And Three Sons 1988 (Péter Forgács)

Skullbase Fracture 1987 (Tibor Szemző)

K. Venus 1985 (Miklós Peternák)

Traintrip 1983 (Miklós Erdély)



The Hobby of The Woodcutter 2015 with Joseph Tasnádi and Gábor Roskó, Budapest

SZJ60 2014 with János Szirtes, László FeLugosi, Beatrix Simkó, Zsolnay Quarter, Pécs, Hungary

Barrels 2013 with András Böröcz at Vylyan Cellar, Villány, Hungary

Stone-Bread 2009 with András Böröcz, PIM Budapest

Sunyi 1992 with Minyó Szert at Ujlak / Budapest

Trio 1992 with László Fe Lugosi and János Szirtes at Helsinki / Finland

Conversations / Interactive Sound And Picture 1991 with Tamás Waliczky at Etampes/France, Szkéné/Budapest (1992)

Bones 1990 with János Szirtes and Péter Magyar at Hungarian Institut Sofia/Bulgaria

Deathful Delay 1989 with Iván Angelus at Budapest, Salzburg, Berlin East/West

Private Hungary 1988 with Péter Forgács at Ars Electronica ’88/Austria

Comecon 1985 with Péter Forgács

Iron Age 1985 with Péter Forgács at Ernst Muzeum

Echo 1985 at Műcsarnok/Budapest, with Wolfgang Ernst and János Szirtes and 5 violin players

Wonder Stag 1984 at Planum Festival with János Szirtes and Jenő Menyhárt

Free Style Swimming 1984 Kossuth Klub/Bpest with János Szirtes

Plant 1983 with János Szirtes at Budapest and Breitenbrunn/Austria

Avanti 1983 with János Szirtes

Passing Sickness 1981 with János Szirtes at KEK/Budapest



Hamlet 2007 chamber opera for three voice and small ensemble requested by National Theater, Szeged, Hungary, directed by Péter Horváth)

Arboretuum 2002 for chamber ensemble and voices (for the request of Off Dance Company)

Csehov: The Gull 1992 theater piece (dir. István Bálint)

Another Snap 1988 for dance performance (Elisa Monte Dance Company / N.Y.C.)

Let’s Go Out And Dance 1985 for shadowplay (Iván Angelus)

Mirrors 1982 for dance theater (Iván Angelus)


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