Special performance at Radiator Gallery, NY – A Roll of the Dice

Counter/culture Closing Events // Night Two

Hungarian-born visual artist ANDRÁS BÖRÖCZ will present his special performance A Roll of the Dice at the Radiator Gallery Project Space accompanied by two film projections by videographer KLÁRA PALOTAI and a live sound collaboration by TIBOR SZEMZŐ and LÁSZLÓ GŐZ.

10-61 Jackson Ave
Long Island City 11106

Fodderbasis Tandem at Expermental Intermedia, New York


with László Gőz at Experimental Intermedia NYC

On December 11, Experimental Intermedia and HCC is co-presenting Night One of the closure events, featuring the FODDERBASIS TANDEM: LÁSZLÓ GŐZ (bass trumpet, sea shells) and TIBOR SZEMZŐ (films, music, narration, flutes) in a cinematographic music event at Experimental Intermedia’s space. The Fodderbasis Tandem returns to New York for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia and the group will pay homage to the Hungarian avant-garde film and music scene of the Sixties and Seventies.

Both artists are founders of the world-renowned Group 180, a former ensemble of Hungarian musicians dedicated to the performance of new music. Their duo presents performances where narrated texts, films and different layers of music all appear integrally. During the night, Szemző’s cinematographic compositions will be performed by Gőz and himself with incomparable 8mm films evoking the period of the Sixties and Seventies. Inspired by one of the greatest Hungarian authors of the time, Géza Ottlik, the piece That’s What There Is will be performed just as some movements from Szemző’s most recent »K«engravings, which explores Kafka’s universe and Tractatus based on the thoughts of Ludwig Wittgenstein through the help of languages.

Fodderbasis at Bucharest (RO)


9 NOV. ● THUSDAY ● JOI ● CSÜTÖRTÖK ● 19:45 – 20:30
1945 – Film according to the sounds • 1945 – Film în viziunea sunetelor • 1945 – Film a hangok felől
the Fodderbasis Tandem’s movie-concert • concert-film de Tandemul Baza de Furaj • a Takarmánybázis Tandem mozikoncertje

Gőz László – conches, bass trumpet • scoici, trompetă bass • kagylók, basszustrombita
Szemző Tibor – flutes, narration • flaut, naraţie • fuvolák, narráció

film effects by Horx

Earth Time Installation at Oulu Museum of Art

Tibor Szemző

installation with computer driven analogue loop-projectors, human voices of various languages accompanied by music

Earth Time is an installation for computer driven analogue loop-projectors, human voices of various languages accompanied by music. The project has a specific sensorial impact that is difficult if not impossible to describe in words. Within this artwork, the author is creating a process based on music, spoken words and visual images. By using older mediums (such as 8 mm film and projectors) he is transporting the present into the past. This creates a magical atmosphere, which you can only experience by walking into the installation. The artwork contains a variety of layers such as the visuals, sounds, music, films and spoken words in different languages. Earth Time was inspired by a text of the Serbo-Croatian poet Danilo Kis.

Text based on Peščanik [Hourglass] Chapter #9 by Danilo Kiš
Music played by Fodderbasis Phantom Band
Narrators: Ray Massey, Outi Hassi,  Simon Szemző, Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, Isabelle Le
Finnish translation by Kari Klemelä
Telecine transfer: Károly Kamerda
Software and programming: Binaura Budapest [Bence Samu & Ágoston Nagy]
Technical assistants: Ákos Nagy and Zsolt Jármai
Special thanks to Viktória Radics, Mirjana Miočinović, Pascale Delpech and János Borbély