Earth Time Installation at Oulu Museum of Art

Tibor Szemző

installation with computer driven analogue loop-projectors, human voices of various languages accompanied by music

Earth Time is an installation for computer driven analogue loop-projectors, human voices of various languages accompanied by music. The project has a specific sensorial impact that is difficult if not impossible to describe in words. Within this artwork, the author is creating a process based on music, spoken words and visual images. By using older mediums (such as 8 mm film and projectors) he is transporting the present into the past. This creates a magical atmosphere, which you can only experience by walking into the installation. The artwork contains a variety of layers such as the visuals, sounds, music, films and spoken words in different languages. Earth Time was inspired by a text of the Serbo-Croatian poet Danilo Kis.

Text based on Peščanik [Hourglass] Chapter #9 by Danilo Kiš
Music played by Fodderbasis Phantom Band
Narrators: Ray Massey, Outi Hassi,  Simon Szemző, Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, Isabelle Le
Finnish translation by Kari Klemelä
Telecine transfer: Károly Kamerda
Software and programming: Binaura Budapest [Bence Samu & Ágoston Nagy]
Technical assistants: Ákos Nagy and Zsolt Jármai
Special thanks to Viktória Radics, Mirjana Miočinović, Pascale Delpech and János Borbély


Issue 3: Group 180: Minimalism behind the Iron Curtain
By Evan Burke


Group 180’s recordings are shockingly fresh, as vibrant and necessary now as they were thirty years ago. Even more so, really; there is an emotional thrust, a crackling energy, that’s as rare today as has ever been in modern classical. Their recordings explode with a hive-mind dynamic, a multi-headed beast whose limbs move in flawless concert, ebbing and flowing with a natural feel more akin to a rock band or a jazz quartet than a classical ensemble. The emotional power of their music is timeless. Continue reading I CARE IF YOU LISTEN MAGAZINE