Snapshot from the Island

CD 1999
Leo Records CD LR 227
Bahia Music CDB 057
(firt released on vinyl, Leo Records, LR 151, 1987)

Snapshot from the Island
Snapshot from the Island
1. Snapshot from the Island [1986] 24′ 23”

2. Water-Wonder [1982/83] 16′ 30”

3. Let’s Go Out and Dance [1985] 10′ 36”

Snapshot from the Island – mp3 extract 2’26”

All music composed by Tibor Szemző c&p BIEM / Artisjus
In U.K. published by Alissa Publishing Co./PRS

Artwork by Kiff Doso, Y21 Studio
Cover Photos from the film ‘Private Hungary’ by Péter ForgácsProduced by Leo Feigin and Tibor Szemző

Executive producers: Attila Bognár and Ernő Mesterházy (Bahia Music)

Tibor Szemző – flutes, drum computer, sound installation ; László Hortobágyi – synthesizer (3); The Birds of Comecon (2,3)

Sound installation on Revox G36 tube tape recorder and four Orion AR 612 “Pacsirta” (Skylark) tube radios

‘Snapshot from the Island’ recorded live on 22nd November, 1986 by László Hortobágyi at Gayan Utteyak Mandal, Budapest
‘Water-Wonder’ was recorded at HEAR Studio on 18th June, 1998 by István Horváth
‘Let’s go out and dance’ was recorded on 17th December 1985 by László Hortobágyi at Landler Jenő utca 20.II.31.

Mixed by Tibor Szemző, László Hortobágyi (1,3) and István Horváth (2)

Water-Wonder is dedicated to Zsófi Szemző
Special thanks to Iván Angelus