I Am Czechoslovak But Living In The South 2014 music and film installation, Brno, Czech Rep. for the request of Brno New Music Festival

K1 – Danilo Kiš Memorial Space 2014 multimedia installation, Moholy-Nagy University, Budapest

»K«engravings 2013 multimedia installation, Gallery At Home, Synagogue Samorin, Slovakia

Invisible Story 2008 film and sound installation for the request of WRO Art Center, Wroclaw, Poland

Late Mutant Reels 2005 for the request of Ernst Museum, Budapest

Loop 1998 film and sound installation for the St Pölten Sound Tower, for the request of Klangturm, St Pölten, Austria

Another Shore – Engelspfad 1998 Sound installation for the Graben Plague Tower, Vienna, for the request of CBB / Easterfest ’98, Vienna

Transit 1993, 1995 installation for pocket radios (Kassel / Germany, Liget Galéria / Budapest)