27 perc, színes, 8mm / video
rendező, zeneszerző, narrátor: Szemző Tibor
szöveg: Hamvas Béla
producer: Durst György
vágó: Andreas Schlichthuber
hangmérnök: Horváth István, Regenye Regi Zoltán
Szemző © 2009


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Invisible Story (1943) was the first, and also the only, volume of essays that Béla Hamvas saw published while he was alive. As his widow, Katalin Kemény puts it: it is a real story of “the first and last soul” in the face of the history of raging appearance. An enthrallingly precise work of writing: an essay in terms of form, though‹ perhaps needless to say‹ that precision is not inspired by science but poetry. And the essayist, as Hamvas himself aptly says, proceeds in unknown country, “alone, rudderless, on the open sea.”


Invisible Story
Invisible Story