20 minutes, color, 35mm
Director-Camera-Music: Tibor Szemző
Editor: Teri Losonci
Sound: István Horváth
Adviser: Márton B. Balogh
Producer: György Durst
© Szemző-Duna Műhely-BBS, 1998




Balogh  B.: – My objective, my ambition is to put the two things together into one brain, can you understand me? I trust that in 300 years it’ll be pretty easy to commute between Hungary and Japan, that in the brains of one or two people, this realization is happening already. This thought occurred to me right now, I mean the definition, but  I have had the feeling since long ago. This is something like for a child on an exchange visit.  As if in your childhood you had exchanged homes with a friend, and had lived with his family for three days.
Szemző T.: – As a child, I did participate in a children’s exchange visit. I’m telling you.

Tokyo conversation, late night at the Wadabori park, November 11. 1994

The other Shore
The other Shore