20 min, colour, Beta SP
Director: Tibor Szemző
Script: Pavel Havliček
Cast: Pál Hont, János Sándor Gipsyband
Cinematography: Tibor Klöfler, András Mész
Editor: Péter Dombai
Music: Tibor Szemző
Sound: Béla Prohászka
Producer: György Durst
BBS 1987


extraxt from the film

“…That includes all kinds of penetration of any planet in the universe, which approximately has a shape of the human skull. In reality, looking at it from a certain viewpoint, all planets look like a human skull. Without any doubt the Sun simply is the shining genius amongst them.
Evidently, that is the main reason why we have so much affection and fascination for the Moon…”


Skullbase Fracture
Skullbase Fracture